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WaterWize Plants

Bushy Bluepbr, Hardenbergia
A compact shrub. Grow as a specimen plant, hedge, mass-plant in a garden or in a large pot...
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Coastal Series - Coastal Impressivepbr, Grevillea
Coastal Impressivepbr is a fast growing medium to tall shrub with fine pendulous foliage...
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Coastal Series - Coastal Lemon Glimpsepbr, Grevillea
Coastal Lemon Glimpsepbr is ideal for suburban gardens...
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Coastal Series - Coastal Prestigepbr , Grevillea
Coastal Prestigepbr is a fast growing medium to tall shrub bearing masses of rosy pink coloured flowers.
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Golden Yul-Lopbr, Grevillea
Vibrant yellow bracts which attract honey-eaters and parrots...
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Gulf Streampbr, Nandina
Compact green nandina...
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Honey Gem, Grevillea
Flowers are honey gold in colour and the foliage is very fine and fern-like. The honey laden flowers are fauna friendly attracting a myriad of birds..
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Honey Wonderpbr, Grevillea
Variegated foliage and honey coloured flowers...
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Leptospermum - Aussie Blossom Range - The Australian Cherry Blossom
Leptospermum - The Australian Aussie Blossom Range is an easy care shrub for suburban gardens...
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Little Lemon Scentspbr, Leptospermum
Leptospermum – Little Lemon Scentspbr is a graceful weeping evergreen Australian native.
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Little Redpbr, Melaleuca
Dwarf compact evergreen shrub
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Madam de Smetpbr, Schefflera
Variegated compact...
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Matthew Flinderspbr
Callistemons are well known Australian Native Plants. They grow in most areas of the country. In past years breeding has brought to us...
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Pixiebells®, Kalanchoe
Kalanchoes are low, compact growers and because of their hardiness, have a multitude of uses around the garden...
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Prima Donna®, Elaeocarpus
Prima Donna is a hardy, small growing Australian native tree...
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Quicksilver - Kalanchoe
Quicksilver is a very showy plant which is ideal for floral bedding display. Kalanchoes are low, compact growers...
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Revolution Gold®, Melaleuca
This rich golden form of Melaleuca bracteata was developed from a seedling of Revolution Green®...
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Revolution Green®, Melaleuca
Revolution Green® is a tall growing form of Melaleuca bracteata with rich dark green needle like foliage...
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Rose Opal®, Callistemon
A compact plant with narrow leaves. The spring flowers change with age from red to a rosy red...
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Sheena's Greenpbr, Duranta
A thornless variety as well as a hedge or specimen plant...
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Sheena's Jungle Goldpbr
Striking green and gold foliage
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Sheena's Lime Glowpbr, Duranta
This plant performs well as a hedge or specimen plant...
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Sheena's Minigoldpbr, Duranta
Is a thornless variety. This is the plant for the lazy gardener who wants a low formal hedge around their garden, easy to grow and care for
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