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Container Gardens

Bushy Kingpbr Ficus
Very bushy variegated plant
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Bushy Princepbr, Ficus
Very bushy green plant
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Bushy Princesspbr, Ficus
Grey green leaves with contrasting white leaf margins
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Butterkin®, Sida Fallax
A miniature hibiscus plant with striking orange petals.
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Cascading Beauty, Columnea
Vivid red stems, lovely hanging basket...
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Coral Fire®, Ixora
A Vibrant tangerine flowers and glossy foliage...
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Curly Ben®, Ficus
Masses of curly leaves creates an unusual specimen
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Gold Fire®, Ixora
Hardy and versatile, flowering for most of the year. Plant out for a border or mass plant as a hedge...
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Guineverepbr, Dipladenia
Flowers for most of the year with masses of pink flowers with yellow throats...
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Gulf Streampbr, Nandina
Compact green nandina...
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Hope®, Philodendron
Vigorous plant. Good compact form...
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Jingles, Gloxinia
Orange and gold bell-shaped flowers make this an excellent plant to use with shades of terracotta for a Mediterranean touch...
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Little Redpbr, Melaleuca
Dwarf compact evergreen shrub
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Madam de Smetpbr, Schefflera
Variegated compact...
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Mandevilla - Flamboyant Series - Crimson Silkpbr, Mandevilla sanderii
Mandevilla - Flamboyant Series - Crimson Silkpbr bears masses of crimson coloured flowers...
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Mandevilla - Flamboyant Series - Velvet Firepbr, Mandevilla sanderii
Mandevilla - Flamboyant Series - Velvet Firepbr bears masses of dark red flowers which will brighten any balcony, courtyard or patio...
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Matthew Flinderspbr
Callistemons are well known Australian Native Plants. They grow in most areas of the country. In past years breeding has brought to us...
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Merlin's Magicpbr, Dipladenia
New superior variety. Compact habit. Pink/red blooms
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My Fair Ladypbr, Dipladenia
White trumpet flowers
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My Love Ivies®, Hedera
My Love Ivies® are quick growing plants, ideal for hanging baskets, decorator pots, training up a trellis or as garden ground cover plants...
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Pink Malay®, Ixora
A very handsome shrub with dark green shiny leaves that contrast so well with the large shocking pink flower heads.
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Pixiebells®, Kalanchoe
Kalanchoes are low, compact growers and because of their hardiness, have a multitude of uses around the garden...
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Purple Sensationpbr, Cordyline
Purple Sensationpbr, with its deep purple leaves and pinkish red mid stripes, will brighten up any dull spot in the garden...
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Red Riding Hood®, Dipladenia
Masses of light red flowers brings continual beauty to your home when grown in pots on your patio...
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Sandra, Spathiphyllum
Dwarf peace lily...
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Scarlet Pimpernelpbr, Dipladenia
Deep red flowers with yellow throats
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Southern Stars, Jasmine
Charming compact shrub
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Sunkist®, Ixora
A stunning display of orange flowers almost cover this bush at various times throughout the whole year...
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Sunny Alexpbr, Osteospermums
A dwarf compact bush with bright yellow flowers...
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Sunny Carolinepbr, Osteospermums
A low growing compact bush with beautiful pale pink petals that have a purple centre...
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Sunny Gustafpbr, Osteospermum
A dwarf compact bush covered in small white flowers with blue centres...
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Sunny Ladypbr, Osteospermum
A low growing compact bush covered in purple flowers in Autumn and Spring...
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Sunny Silviapbr, Osteospermums
A neat, tidy compact bush with multi-coloured flowers...
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Sunny Snow Wheels pbr Osteospermum
Pure white pin wheel flower
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Sunny Sonjapbr, Osteospermums
A classic pin wheel flower on a compact bush...
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Swan Lake®, Mandevilla
Pure white flowers offset by deep waxy green leaves...
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True Love®, Gardenia
A large pure white flower. Has a perfume like smell which is so devine...
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Victoriapbr, Asplenium
Birds nest fern. Bright green leaves, with a wavy edge...
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