Pixiebells®, Kalanchoe


Pixie Bells® is a hardy, small compact succulent (Kalanchoe) bearing beautiful bell shaped flowers held high above the glossy green foliage throughout spring.  Flowers are purple and pink in colour and truly spectacular to behold.

Plant Useage

Pixie Bells® has a multitude of uses in the garden including planting for borders, bedding plants, around the base of trees or posts, in rockeries, hanging baskets and around swimming pools.   Makes an excellent patio plant and can be taken indoors while in flower for interior decoration.

Growing Conditions

Pixie Bells®likes full sun to partial shade.  Pixie Bells®will grow to approx. 30cm high x 30cm wide.

Plant Care

Pixie Bells®likes a well drained open soil mix.  As it is a succulent water only when required.  Fertilise twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn.  Mulching around the base of the plant will save water and keep the plant looking good.

Remove flowers when they have finished flowering. This will allow new growth to shoot away.

Pixie Bells®is fairly disease free as long as good drainage is maintained.  If a fungal problem does occur, usually after heavy rains, then treat with a general fungicide.