Sunkist®, Ixora


Sunkist®  -  its stunning display of orange flowers covers the bush at various times throughout the whole year.   The foliage is fleshy dark green with new bronze tips.  Companion plant with other Ixoras Coral Firetm (vibrant coral/tangerine coloured flowers) and Gold Firetm (yellow flowers)

Plant Useage

Sunkist® is ideal as a rockery plant or in a tub on a brightly lit patio.  Sunkist® as you can see, if planted en masse, provides an excellent display of colour.  Sunkist® will grow to a height of 50cm x 30cm in width.  Flowers are ideal for floral arrangements and regular cutting will enhance the bushiness of the plant and boost flower production.

Growing Conditions

Sunkist® prefers a rich, well drained acid soil and grows best in an open sunny position.  Keep moist. For plants grown in the ground fertilize with a complete garden fertilizer in Spring. Tub grown plants should have a slow release fertilizer applied to the mix in Spring and Autumn. A light prune after flowering will maintain shape.

Plant Care

Sunkist® will grow in most soil types as long as drainage is adequate.  Water plant only as required and be careful not to overwater.  Muclhing is recommended to conserve water.  Fertilise once a year in late spring to promote new plant growth.  Plants can be trimmed in either Autumn or Spring.  A fairly light trim is recommended mainly to encourage multi-branching but a hard trim can be done if plant is overgrown.