Revolution Green®, Melaleuca


Revolution Green® is a tall growing shrub (approx. height of 3-4 metres tall and a width of 1.5-2m) which has rich dark green foliage.  In Spring Revolution Green® is covered in creamy white brushes attracting bird life to your garden.

Plant Useage

Revolution Green® it is a superior form of Melaleuca bracteantha and can be used as screens or windbreaks or as a feature specimen in gardens and parklands.   It can be planted to contrast with Revolution Gold®.

Growing Conditions

Revolution Green® will thrive in most soil conditions - wet spots, dry spots, poor soils, any spot which has a sunny position.

Plant Care

Requires little attention. Fertilise in Spring and early Autumn with a slow release fertiliser for shrubs.  Keep trimmed to maintain shape and desired height and to encourage new growth. Mulching is beneficial.