My Love Ivies®, Hedera


The hedera family is among the oldest of garden plants.  Illustrations of gardens from the Greek and Roman times show Ivies growing in containers and as groundcovers.My Love Ivies® are fast growing climbers with a range of variegated leaf patterns.

Plant Useage

My Love Ivies® are ideally suited to hanging baskets and make attractive, hardy  indoor plants.  Ivies are widely used all around the world and have many uses.  We often see long runners used in flower arrangements to give a flowing effect over the front of the container.  In gardens they used for groundcover and for climbing on supports, over walls and around rocks in retaining walls.  They are also used as house plants and for hanging baskets in rooms or patio's where there is plenty of light.

Growing Conditions

My Love Ivies® performs best in moist, well drained potting medium in a well lit indoor position. Ivies do not like exposed positions.  They prefer areas where there is good air movement but yet moisture present in the atmosphere.  The old conservatory or bush house or in the shade of taller shrubs and trees is ideal.

Plant Care

Apply a liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Keep trimmed to desired length. This is one of the easiest of all plants to grow if the conditions are right for it.  There is a special care or attention needed when growing in the ground.  in containers it is important that the plants never dry out.