Little Hatter, Cuphea


Little Hatterpbr is a lovely, hardy, low growing plant which bears masses of lilac/mauve flowers throughout the year.

Plant Useage

Little Hatterpbr is an ideal low growing border plant but can also be used amongst rockeries or in multi planted pot containers.  If grown in front of a hedge, such as Duranta Sheena's Goldtm, it gives a wonderful contrast, both with colour and flower and helps to create a truly formal effect.

Growing Conditions

Little Hatterpbr grows best in full sun positions.  It will tolerate shady positions but becomes stretched and requires more attention.  If planted individually this Cuphea will grow into a lovely small mound but when planted in a row forms a bushy complact border.  Little Hatterpbr will grow to around 30cm high x 30cm wide.

Plant Care

Little Hatterpbr can be grown in virtually any soil condition but grows best in a well drained mix.  Water only when required. 

Trim plants regularly if a formal look is required or otherwise only when plant is getting tired looking.  Trimming can be done at anytime of the year.  Plants can be cut back hard if required.

Feed  Little Hatterpbr when required, twice a year.  This can be done at anytime.  Little Hatterpbr is extremely hardy and disease resistant.  Treat with a general fungicide, only if required.