Camille, Dieffenbachia


Camille is a handsome Dieffenbachia with attractive cream and green leaves.  It has a clustering habit and is one of the most  versatile Dieffenbachias.

Plant Useage

Camille performs well indoors, or grown in a sheltered, shady position outdoors or as a specimen on the patio/verandah.

Growing Conditions

Watering is probably the most critical. During the months of active growth, they require just as much water as any other potted plant, but as soon as the cooler weather approaches watering should be kept to a minimum. Just enough water should be given to keep the plant alive.

Plant Care

To achieve a well branched plant, pruning may be carried out during late Spring or early Summer, cutting back to about 15 to 20cms.  

Repotting should be carried out annually and at this time some slow release fertiliser should be incorporated in the mix.  Use a good quality mix and fertilise regularly during the warmer months with one of the soluble fertilisers.