True Love®, Gardenia


True Love® is a perfect name for this plant.  Gardenias from time immemorial have been synonymous with love and romance.  The large pure white blooms up to 100mm across are borne in profusion at the beginning of Summer.

Plant Useage

Used in gardens growing either in full sun or reasonably heavy shade. This versatility means that you can grow True Lovetm in most aspects in your garden.   Aside from the splendid blooms, one can also cut the foliage and use it in floral arrangements.

Growing Conditions

Good deep watering in dry periods is necessary.  It is a good idea to mulch around the plant to conserve moisture and to keep the ground cool around the roots.  If pruning is necessary to shape or shorten the bush, it is best done in summer following the heavy flowering period. A balanced fertilizer applied once a year in summer after the flowering is beneficial.