Swan Lake®, Mandevilla


Swan Laketm is a selected superior variety selected for its compactness and free flowering habit. Swan Laketm is native to the forest of Ecuador and Bolivia where it grows as an epiphyte in the higher branches of rainforest trees.  It receives almost full sun in this way.

Plant Useage

Swan Laketm flowers prolifically during the Summer and Autumn months of the year.  It is a good hardy plant that is great for use on most patios, terraces, steps and around outdoor pools.

Growing Conditions

In a garden situation a light trellis would be needed.   Plant in any good garden soil that is free draining and fertile.  Pruning can be quite heavy if needed and should be done in late Winter. Fertilise in Spring and Autumn.

Plant Care

As a shrub can be pruned to a height of 1metre otherwise is a great climber.  During dry periods keep moist but never overwet.  Your plant will develop a strong swollen root system that really means that twice a week watering is sufficient.  The main thing undoubtedly is to have a free draining mix.