Sunny Sonjapbr, Osteospermums


Sunny Sonjapbr is a classic pin wheel flower on a compact bush.  Sun Wheelstm can be grown in most areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Plant Useage

The pink to purple flowers are an outstanding feature of this plant. Plant Sunny Sonjapbr en masse with other Sunwheels® varieties Sunny Gustafpbr , Sunny Ladypbr , Sunny Alexpbr , Sunny Carolinepbr , Sunny SilviapbrSunny Snow Wheelspbr  and you will be rewarded with a 'field of daisies'.  They are ideal for mass plantings in garden borders or beds.  Sunny Sonjapbr grows to a height of 50cm and 1m wide.

Growing Conditions

Plant Sunny Sonjapbr in a sunny position in the garden and water as any normal garden plant. Sun Wheelstm prefers a full sun position in a garden bed with good drainage.

Plant Care

Once planting is completed aftercare is mostly in watering particularly so if grown in gardens and pots.  A mulch of 50mm in depth is beneficial but be sure that the mulch is kept away from the plant, as this could cause basal rot in wet weather.  Some trimming of the plant to desired shape and size can be carried out after flowering and up to the end of March.  When in flower drifts of colour of Osteospermum are outstanding.