Snow Shower®, Abelia


Abelias are amongst the easiest of plants to grow in Australian gardens.  Snow Shower® has small, dainty delicate foliage. A very pretty plant. This plant is an evergreen shrub with glossy foliage that is lightly coloured. By its nature of growth it is a ground cover.

Plant Useage

In a container, Snow Shower®Cgives a pleasing efect to courtyard gardens of today.  Like all Abelias some flowers show all year with the main flowering in early summer.  Clusters of small white flowers during Spring and Summer. A very hardy plant for most soil types. It will tolerate frost.

Growing Conditions

Snow Shower® can be grown in full sun but also in partial to shaded garden areas.  In cottage gardens Snow Shower® gives a pleasing contrast to more flamboyant flowering plants and when they are finished flowering gives the garden a substance.  One could expect a neat and tidy plant growing 40-60cm in height and 1 metre in width after several years.

Plant Care

There is really little care needed.  In our gardens and in our production we have had no problems with insects or disease.  A light trim to shape to your desired size is all that is needed.  This can be done at any time but be aware the main flowering is in early summer so do not prune off the flower buds.  Mulching is beneficial and a dressing of slow release fertiliser or blood and bone in Spring and early Autumn will keep your plant vigorous. Snow Shower® is another of the trouble free no-nonsense easy care plants for the gardens of today.