Madam de Smetpbr, Schefflera


Madam de Smetpbr is a small compact shrub growing to an approximate height of 2 metres and width of 1 metre.   This attractive specimen plant has distinctive glossy green/gold foliage. 

Plant Useage

Madam de Smetpbrhas several uses, it adds to our lifestyles a plant for gardens in sun or shade and to our homes and immediate surrounds a great container plant.  In gardens use as a specimen plant.    As cut foliage in floral arrangements Madam de Smetpbr will last well.  It enhances the tropical effect.  Can be used to create small low hedges in sunny or shady areas.  Makes an attractive tub specimen for patios/verandahs.   As it is tolerant to lower light conditions,  it is also suitble for indoor use.

Growing Conditions

Will grow in either sun or shade.  Very adaptable to most conditions.  When planted as a hedge, trimming will be needed two or three times a year during the warmer months.

Plant Care

The drawf umbrellas are eay care plants.  They are very rewarding as garden plants in areas of Australia where winters are not severe.  In gardens mulching is desirable.  Water well during dry periods, no further culture is needed except for pruning as needed.  Protect from frost.  Prune to shape at any time of the year. Fertilise in spring and early autumn.