Gulf Streampbr, Nandina


Gulf Streampbr is an exceptional plant for landscaping.  It will grow in most areas of Australia.

Plant Useage

Nandinas are very well known to gardeners.  They are one of the older garden plants that were known to the Pioneer families who settled in Australia. Gulf Streampbr  is one of the well known Nandina domestica varieties.  This variety was selected by Mr. Bill Barr who now lives in Texas, US, from a bach of seedlings. 

A massed planting of this variety is stunning and easily maintained.  Ideal to grow in gardens under trees where there is some dappled sunshine.  As a stand-along plant featured in the garden, it always looks good.

Growing Conditions

Nandinas will grow in most soil types but they need good drainage.  They grow just as well in semi-shade as in full sun.  After planting the garden bed needs to be kept moist and it is strongly recommended to mulch. Will tolerate frost.   Fertilise in Spring.

Plant Care

Nandinas are so easily grown and so free of pest and disease problems that they should be in every low care garden.  Gulf Streampbr is one of the more attractive of the family.  A general fertiliser spread around the plants in late Spring and Autumn is all that is needed.  Pruning is not needed and only if you should want to keep the bush to a certain size.  The best time to prune is during the summer months when the plants are in full growth.