Emerald Beauty, Viburnum


Emerald Beauty® is an attractive, hardy, medium /tall shrub that has been used for many years as a hedging plant in Australian gardens. The plants bear masses of burgundy coloured coral like buds for a long period during Winter and then burst into flower in early Spring.

Plant Useage

Emerald Beauty® is a very hardy and reliable plant once it has been established in the garden.  It can be hedged or shaped as needed after flowering.  The new foliage is a bright emerald green darkening off to a blue green colour as the leaf matures.  An ideal plant for public landscaping as it needs very little attention once it has established.

Growing Conditions

The best conditions are undoubtedly in full sun where the plants grow best and flower heaviest.  Emerald Beauty® will grow in most soil conditions as long as drainage is good.  It will tolerate light to medium frosts which means that Emerald Beauty®   will grow around much of the Australian continent except in the tropical north.

Plant Care

One of the very real problems with Viburnum tinus in the garden was its attraction to two spotted mite.  Emerald Beauty®   has a resistance to this problem and also seems to be resistant to most other insect pests so it does not need spraying for insect of fungus diseases in the garden.  After planting mulching is beneficial to conserve moisture and keep the root zone of the plants cool.  If the plant is kept well mulched it will need very little supplementary fertiliser.