Coral Fire®, Ixora


Coral Fire® is a hardy and unique Ixora bearing vibrant coral/tangerine coloured flowers in profusion during the warmer months of the year.  The foliage is fleshy dark green with new bronze tips.  Coral Fire® is a perfect mate to its counterpart Gold Fire® which bears lovely yellow flowers.

Plant Useage

Coral Fire® is best planted en masse, either as a low growing hedge or just for a mass of colour where needed.  Coral Fire® also makes a particularly nice potted plant specimen or as an underplanting around trees where it thrives and looks spectacular.  These plants can be used extensively in either a formal or native garden.

Growing Conditions

Coral Fire® grows best in full sun to partial sun but does tolerate lower light conditions.  It is very hardy and does not require too much attention.  This shrub will grow to around 1m high x 1m wide if left untrimmed and does form a nice rounded plant.

In full sun, the flowers come out a brilliant orange and fade to a paler orange, but if grown in part shade, the full vibrant colour holds all the time.  That does not mean it shouldn't be used for full sun.  With two tones of colour it looks as though the flower has come out one shade and faded off a little, which is quite attractive.

Plant Care

Coral Fire®will grow in most soil types as long as drainage is adequate.  Water plant only as required and be careful not to overwater.  Mulching is recommended to conserve water.

Ferlise two or three times during the growing season from October to March with a complete fertiliser or one or two applications of a slow release fertiliser will give best results. 

Light pruning during summer keeps Coral Fire®  to the size and shape required.

Pests and diseases of this Ixora are similar to others.  The flower heads can sometimes get Mealy Bug in them, but it is usually only one or two in an isolated bush, so it is easy to cut the flower head and destory it as the next one is usually clean.  Spraying for scale insects is an occasional problem.

Mulching is preferred.  This tends to keep the soil evenly moist and cooler, making the plant perform better.