Bushy Bluepbr, Hardenbergia


Bushy Bluepbr is an Australian native plant.  It has masses of violet pea-shaped flowers in long clusters during late Winter and early Spring.

Plant Useage

Bushy Bluepbr is an ideal feature plant in the garden.  The plant may be hedged or shaped as required.  Planted amongst other shrubs the contrast of the blue/grey leaves creates interest in the garden.  Plant in sunny garden beds, on banks and in retaining walls or in rockeries.  Mass plant in your garden to create a low hedge.  Suitable as a pot specimen.

Growing Conditions

Bushy Bluepbris best grown in full sun.  Bushy Bluepbrwill withstand windy locations.  Use in formal and native gardens.  Bushy Bluepbr will grow in a mounded shape if left untrimmed to 60cm high x 60cm wide.  Will tolerate low temperatures and withstand light frosts.

Plant Care

Bushy Bluepbrrequires good drainage so if in doubt or your soil is very heavy then raise the garden bed or planting area so that good drainage is maintained.  Bushy Bluepbrwill grow in most soil types as long as drainage is adequate.  The most critical need of this plant is good drainage.

Fertilise twice per year.  Once in Spring after all the flowering to promote growth in the Spring.  Then again in Autumn to maintain a healthy plant that will provide a good flower display in late Winter.

The plant may be given a light pruning at anytime of the year.  If you wish to cut back heavily then do so in the Spring after flowering has finished.  This will remove the seed heads. When they are removed the plant comes back into strong vigorous growth.  Bushy Bluepbr is not prone to disease as long as good drainage is maintained.  If a fungal problem does occur, usually after heavy rains, then treat with a general fungicide.  Mulch to conserve moisture.