Wilma's Choice®, Dipladenia


Wilma's Choice® with its pink trumpet flowers with yellow centres has a lot going for it over the original pink Dipladenia of the early 80's.  It is from the branch of the Dipladenia sanderi family where My Fair lady pbr(white), Merlins Magicpbr( (rusty red to pink), Guinevere (pink) & Scarlet Pimpernelpbr( (deep red) are related. These varieties are more compact, have more flowers and flower for longer periods even into the cool of winter.  They are great planted as companions where they complement each other.

Plant Useage

Wilma's Choice® is a hardy small shrub ideal for planters or in well-drained garden beds.  It is very suited to large decorator pots where the lovely pink colours brighten up courtyards and containers placed around gardens.  Used in this way on patios, decks and balconies  Wilma's Choice®will withstand reasonably strong winds.  Use a stake to support the weight of the foliage and flowers.  As a shrub is expected to grow to a height of 1 metre and a width of 50cm.

Growing Conditions

Plant in full sun or part shade.  Tip prune lightly whenever required to keep the plant compact.   Wilma's Choice® is also suitable for training up a pergola or trellis.  Fertilise in Spring and Summer.

Plant Care

Dipladenia  Wilma's Choice® is similar to all other Dipladenias available in its needs and cultivation.  A good open soil or pottings mix is essential as drainage is critical.  Fertilise with slow release fertiliser in Spring and early Autumn.  Do not allow Wilma's Choice® to dry out entirely between waterings.  Lightly trim any tendrils as necessary.