Victoriapbr, Asplenium


Victoriapbr is a classic plant for use indoors, where the elegance of this plant would be difficult to better.

Plant Useage

Grow  Victoriapbr in a squat patio pot for a dramatic feature plant in shaded patio and courtyard areas.  For indoor use the best position is near windows but not in direct sunlight.  Water only once a week indoors.  Plants we know of have been in homes for nearly twelve months.  Outdoors, Victoriapbr grows well in tubs and garden beds, in shaded to semi-shaded areas.

Growing Conditions

Victoriapbr will grow to a height and width of 1.5 metres and has all the hardy positive features of the Japanese Bird's Nest Fern, Asplenium antiquum but has a dramatic eye catching look that is absolutely unique.

Plant Care

Mulch well. Do not over-water, as this plant is hardy and responds better to less care than over-pampering. It must be conditioned to grow in stronger light if planting in semi-shaded areas. Fertilize at quarter the recommended strength in Spring and Summer.