Red Riding Hood®, Dipladenia


Red Riding Hood®  is a spectacular flowering Dipladenia, that given the right conditions appears to flower the whole year round.  The flowers are initially red but as they mature they turn pink.

Plant Useage

Red Riding Hood® is ideal for patio tubs or in well drained sheltered garden situations.   Mass planting will provide an excellent ground cover, or just a single plant to tumble over rockeries will look spectacular.  

Red Riding Hood® will grow well in a large tub.  It also looks great growing in an urn or similar container on a pedestal, where the tendrils are allowed to fall to the ground.  Train Red Riding Hood® to grow up a pergola or on a trellis.

Growing Conditions

Red Riding Hood® will not tolerate cold wet soil, so always plant in a sunny, well drained soil.  If grown in a tub ensure that the potting mix used is free draining.  Never overwater.

Red Riding Hood® tends to have a scrambling growth habit and if left unchecked would grow to a height of less than 1m and a spread of about 2m.  If trained up a pole it would grow to a height of 2 to 3m.

Plant Care

Tip prune lightly to keep the plant compact.  Fertilise in spring and summer for best results.