Bushy Princesspbr, Ficus


Bushy Princesspbr is an excellent specimen in any container.  It has been well accepted for its beauty and hardiness in interior locations.  The slight weeping appearance is enhanced by the grey-green leaves with contrasting white leaf margins.

Plant Useage

Bushy Princesspbrcan be grown as a small/medium size tree or hedge.  In pots or in the garden, Bushy Princesspbrcan be pruned into a range of topiary shapes adding interest to a dull spot.  It is an ideal indoor plant as it is hardy and has a dense slightly-weeping appearance.  

It is recommended that all Ficus be planted away from any areas where invasive roots may be a concern.

Growing Conditions

Bushy Princesspbrwill tolerate most soil conditions.  Bushy Princesspbrcan be grown in full sun or part shade.

Plant Care

In cool climates, protect from frost by growing Bushy Princesspbr in a sheltered area such as a patio or courtyard.  Mulching is an advantage.