Mandevilla - Flamboyant Series - Velvet Firepbr, Mandevilla sanderii

(The popular Dipladenia we all know and love)


Velvet Firepbr bears masses of bright dark red flowers during the warmer months of the year. The typical bell shaped flowers are borne in greater profusion than on most other dipladenias.

Plant Useage

Dipladenias are spectacular when growing and flowering in containers and will brighten any balcony, courtyard or patio. Velvet Firepbr will give you a rewarding show in the living areas around your home.

Growing Conditions

Plant in a well drained sunny position. A good open soil or potting mix is essential as drainage is critical.

Plant Care

Fertilise with liquid fertiliser regularly throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. Regular light tip pruning keeps a compact shape. Watering weekly once established, will generally suffice.