Quicksilver - Kalanchoe


Quicksilver is a very showy plant which is ideal for floral bedding display.  Kalanchoes are low, compact growers and because of their hardiness, have a multitude of uses around the garden.

Plant Useage

Plant into borders and garden beds as edging plants, around the base of trees or posts, or as a rockery plant.

Pots & Tubs:  Quicksilver is an ideal patio plant, around swimming pools or taken indoors while in flower as interior decoration.  Use several plants in large containers.

Hanging Baskets:  These will look good in baskets on a verandah or along the front of a pergola.

Growing Conditions

Quicksilver will grow to a height of 80cm and cover an area of 80cm.

Plant Care

Quicksilver requires little maintenance. It does not need regular pruning as it will grow in a compact manner.  An application of controlled release fertiliser should be made in October, this should be sufficient for a full seasons growth. Do not overwater.

Quicksilver will brighten up your garden or patio.