Miss Muffett


Miss Muffett®  is a hardy, compact small shrub growing to an approximate height and width of 1 metre.   Its attractive dark green older foliage contrasts against the fresh lime green new growth.  It has proven to be one of the most popular and versatile landscape plants in Australia  because of its low maintenance characteristics and formal shape.

Plant Useage

Miss Muffett® grows into a tuffet of tight green leaves.  Flowers are cream and whilst they are attractive it is for the foliage that one would plant these in gardens.

Growing Conditions

Plant in either sun or shade.  Miss Muffetttm is an excellent plant for areas where winds can cause problems with other plants that have more delicate leaves.  For a formal effect it is hard to pass up on this one.

Plant Care

Will tolerate frost to minus 5 degrees celsius and requires minimum care. It is easy to grow and care for.  Fertilise twice per year in early spring and autumn with Nutricote slow release plant food. Can be pruned to shape at any time of the year.