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Callistemon Range - Eureka ® (tall upright shrub 3m x 2m with red to purple flowers) Matthew Flinders pbr (dwarf hybrid 75cm x 50cm with crimson-red flowers) Rose opal ® (shrub 2m x 2m with deep red to rose flowers) are all excellent evergreen Australian natives.

  Grevillea Range - Golden Yul-lo pbr (medium to tall shrub 3m x 2m with brighty yellow flowers) Honey Wonder pbr (medium shrub 2m x 1.5m with honey coloured flowers) Honey Gem ® (medium shrub 3m x 2m with honey gold flowers) Coastal Impressive pbr (fast growing medium to tall shrub 4m x 1.5 m with dusty pink flowers) Coastal Dawn pbr (fast growing medium shrub 3m x 1.5m with dark pink coloured flowers) Coastal Sunset pbr (fast growing medium shrub 3m x 1.5m with bright orange flowers) Coastal Twilight pbr (fast growing medium shrub 3m x 1.5m with terracotta flowers) Coastal Prestige pbr (fast growing medium to tall shrub 4m x 1.5m with rosy pink flowers). Queensland bred gravilleas which bloom for most of the year.

  Hardenbergia Bushy Blue pbr is an Australian native plant. It has masses of violet pea-shaped flowers in long clusters during late Winter and early Spring.

  Elaeocarpus Prima Donna ® is a hardy, tall growing Australian native tree, 6m x 2m. It bears masses of pink ballerina skirt-like flowers late spring/early summer. The dense foliage is an attractive bronze green when young...

  Leptospermum Range - Pacific Beauty (dwarf shrub 1m x 1m with fine lacy cascading foliage smothered in attractive pink buds with large white flowers) Little Lemon Scents pbr (graceful weeping shrub 1m x 1m with snow-white flowers in spring) are ideal specimen shrubs and landscape plants.

  Melaleuca Range - Little Red pbr (dwarf shrub 1m x 1m with spectacular purple red new growth from April to October) Revolution Gold ® (tall shrub 4m x 2m with gold foliage - fast growing hardy specimen - excellent screening hedge) Revolution Green ® tall shrub 4m x 2m with green foliage - fast growing hardy specimen - excellent screening hedge).

Allamanda Cherry Ripe ® produces striking clusters of dark cherry coloured trumpet flowers from Spring through to Autumn.

  Columnea Cascading Beauty is a magnificent hanging plant grown primarily for its striking foliage colour.

  Cordyline Purple Sensation pbr is a strappy plant which grows to a height of 2m and a width of 1.5m. It has attractive maroon/purple foliage with pinkish-red mid stripes.

  Dianella Golden Streak ® is an attractive clumping plant, with a moderate growth rate - to a height and width of approximately 0.6m - 1 metre and 0.6m. It features bright green broad strappy foliages with contrasting yellow stripes, and bears delicate blue flowers in winter/spring.

  Dipladenia Range - My Fair Lady pbr(white) / Guinevere pbr (pink) / Scarlet Pimpernel pbr (rich red) / Wilma’s Choice pbr (dusty pink) / Red Riding Hood ® (red fading to pink) are more compact, have more flowers and flower for longer periods.

  Gardenia True Love ® with its large pure white blooms up to 100mm across are borne in profusion at the beginning of Summer.

  Gloxinia Jingles ® with its bright orange red to crimson-red bell-shaped flowers can be used as a patio pot, hanging basket or ground cover.

  Ixora Range - Gold Fire ® (tangerine) / Gold Fire (yellow) / Pink Malay (coral pink) / Sunkist (scarlet) are hardy and unique Ixoras bearing vibrant coloured flowers in profusion during the warmer months of the year.

Asplenium Victoria pbr will grow to a height and width of 1.5m and has all the hardy positive features of the Japanese Bird’s nest Fern, Asplenium antiquum but has a dramatic eye catching look that is absolutely unique.

  Dieffenbachia Camille/Nellie are compact and extremely leafy. Attractive cream and green leaves.Ficus Range - Bushy King pbr (grey-green foliage) Bushy Prince pbr (glossy green foliage)

  Bushy Princess pbr (grey-green leaves with white margins) are excellent specimens in any container. Excellent plants for interior locations.